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Vintage Campervans

We wanted an easy and catchy name for what became from a passion to a business.

Here in Portugal, we use to call “Pão de Forma” to this old Volkswagen campervans. It is a kind of squared jumbo bread, hahaha, for that exaclty reason. So – from the begining – it always was a dream to have one camper like this, and the opportunity came when we found the “Fresh Orange” in UK, to sell.

It was kind of a journey, for funny reasons, travel from Uk to Faro (in Algarve, Portugal) in a really orange van. Not restored, it traveled exactly how it was made, in 1973. The journey took 10 times more time than in a regular car, but tottally worsted. And it was restored as soon it arrived.

Started to be really apreciate for my oldest one, who took it to a music festival. Don’t know what happened that year, but it maded a boom. Everyone whould like to drive it. People started to make offers to rented it: for kids parties, for seesights, or just for the fun, and some how it became bigger than us.

We called the van “Fresh Orange”, because of the color, but mainly because the fruit, orange, which is a common,  very apreciated, product of Algarve region. And, in that year, it was submited in a rental site. It was a summer sucess between campers in Algarve and it was fully booked. That was the opportunity of starting a bussiness with classic and vintage campervans.

The business “Vintage Campervans” borned. With a single camper, not knowing where to go at first, but always betting in what that first passion told.


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